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We're a team of investors who want to change the way data technology is backed. We unashamedly believe in the key fundamentals: Great ideas. Demonstrable ROI. Cash flow.

We’re the bridge between angel investors and Private Equity. We don’t have a typical VC structure with an ex-Goldman Sachs investment director who has no clue of how to run a business. Everybody on our team has real life experience and has seen this before.

Our roots are in the investment management community, technology and legal services. Our cornerstone investor, alternative legal services and technology provider Exigent, brings over a decade of experience in international services and outsourcing industries, launching successful technology products, and managing the challenges associated with major global markets.

Data visionaries need only apply

We seek to attract ‘Bright Minds’ who can turn the current digital revolution into commercial applications. Starting from data from the legal department and with the sky as the limit. Blockchain, smart contracts, data visualization,  machine learning– if you can demonstrate ROI, we are interested and can help you achieve it.

We're looking to invest in post-start ups who are at the B funding stage. You've been through the first rounds, initial set up and are now ready to get support to grow. 


Why now

Cheap money. Hype around legal tech. Elon Musk. We know it's a bubble, much like the dot-com boom. We want to make sure that worthy ideas, products and people get the right type of backing, the support that is built on meaningful pillars and will guarantee longevity. Cash. Profit. People. These are the things that matter in investment. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a fool. 

We don't know when and how the bubble will burst, but it will. Soon. We want to separate smart ideas from the hype and insulate them from the frenzy of Uber-like investments.



Tech. People. ROI.

We're an evergreen fund, which means you won't get the typical pressure of a 3 or 5-year fund: no short-sighted quick-win measures that will leave you worse-off. We do not mind if it is eight years, provided that we can see progress along the way towards our two key words: cash and profit.

We're an empathetic investor: we've been through the same growing pains with the businesses that we've founded, led and made succeed. We'll support you through rotating Non-Executive positions on your Board: each member of our team will alternate to give you the full ammo of skills we have in-house. Also, through our cornerstone investor Exigent we can be a test bed for your new product. 

We invest on a case by case basis.  Our fund co-invests alongside select industry partners, who are vetted and invited to participate if we think there is commercial value to be added.  This maximizes sector knowledge and gives you access to unlimited capital without the constraints of the fund lifecycle. 

Bright Minds Capital Partners Invests in Sunstone Systems

Bright Minds Capital Partners is pleased to announce an investment in Sunstone Systems, a British technology company focused on creating robust, renewable energy solutions. 

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Bright Minds Capital Partners Exits Muve Investment

Bright Minds Capital Partners is pleased to announce the successful exit of its investment in Muve. 

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Our Team

Many funds talk of adding value, yet few of the investors have taken up the real challenge of a start-up or early-stage investment.  We have, and remain actively involved in real management challenges.

We have a unique blend of skills from having lived the challenges of technology, growth and corporate strategy from start-up to exit.

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